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First Day of the Next Three Years of My Life


This door and number might not look like much, but this is now the room, class number FS3F-117, door that I passed through, view I saw that started my college degree. I can look back on this door and know that when I walked through this door I became a college student, something that I am VERY proud of accomplishing. There are few moments in ones life that something this insignificant can become such a huge part of your life. This is one of them for me.


My very first class is Digital Literacy which means the ability to effectively and critically navigate, evaluate and create information using a range of digital technologies. This is already sounding like a fun course to me. It will deal in how we communicate in the digital world. Since I am a “professional communicator”, I think this will be right up my alley. The Teacher Mr. Paul Hayes seems like a very good teacher but also seems like he doesn’t put up with any crap either. I like that. I am also very impressed with the way the teachers interact with the students so far. Meaning for me it definitely is not like 20 years ago in High School. We are all supposed to be adults now in college and so far they are treating us like adults. Makes me feel good knowing we are on the same level. But it does make me laugh that they do have to go over the basics with us to make sure that you have no excuses later. Simple things that everyone should know like, Show up to class, Do your work, Do not back talk, ext. The simple things that you would think “Adults” should know but I’m sure some do not.

I would have to say that my first day of college life was AWESOME!
Pinch me! Am I still dreaming? Nope this is REALITY NOW!


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