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It’s the little things that can get you the most excited…

Back Pack#2 Pencils

It is funny how the little things get you excited when endeavoring on such a huge journey. My mom came home from the grocery store the day I signed up for Full Sail and she brought me a present. A pack of #2 Pencils! Now this does not seem like a big deal, but my mom LOVES a fresh pack of pencils! She always has. Even from when she was in grade school herself. Plus the symbolism of my new start in a pack of pencils meant everything to me. I then realized I will need a back pack. Which is something I haven’t needed for 20+ years. Of course I had to go pick out the coolest one I could find, so I am styling on my first day of school. Gotta make a great impression on my first day! I also realized I need to get back to drawing like I did when I was a kid. I purchased my first sketch pad in the same amount of years. On our tour, one of the professors said “You will need to be drawing at least 10 hours a week before you get started, because if you can’t draw 10 hours a week, how can you expect to draw for 40 hours a week.” I better get to filling up this sketch pad!

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