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A+ in Overview of the Media Design and Technology Industries

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I got my final grade for OMDT today and I am very excited to see a 97.3% as my final grade. As you can see I did have a few items that I received a lower grade then I had hoped for. Let’s just say from now on in groups I will be reviewing EVERYTHING before it is turned in and I will be like a warden to my teammates when it comes to doing presentations and getting them completed. I learned there is a very thin line between trying to let your team members do things on their own and staying on their tail to make sure they get it done.
Let’s just say “No more Mr. Nice guy”

I did get to turn in some Consideration for my final grade. I was at a 94.8% which was two tenths of a point away from me losing my 4.0 GPA. Going that extra mile does pay off in the end. I was able to pull my teacher aside at the end of class and explain my situation that I am attempting to maintain a 4.0 GPA through out my entire time here at Full Sail. Only due to the fact the rest of my grades we immaculate and the fact that I was a very active student in her class she allowed for it. So it just goes to show that being a great student can have its perks. I would like to thank all my teachers from OMDT for making it a very fun and memorable class.

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Glad to be back on Campus! Got to meet Rob Schneider today!

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Today I started my 3rd class Overview of the Media Design and Technology Industries, which seems to be pretty awesome and will be a very interesting class. But of course that was quickly overshadowed by being able to sneak in at the last second to meet Rod Schneider who was on campus today doing a Q&A session that I couldn’t make it to, because I was in my class. Luckily we got let out early from class since it was the first day, so I ran over to the auditorium and got in just as they were whisking him away. He was kind enough to stop for one last photo with me.

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Now back to class, We were placed in our new groups and I am very pleased with my group this time. Each member of my team seems willing to contribute to our group project. We decided on a team name by drawing names out of a hat, and I quickly whipped up a logo for us.


We also did this really cool team building project where we had two decks of cards and we as a group had to build a structure as tall as we possibly could make it. Our team did pretty well with this and we got pretty high, but unfortunately in the last 90 seconds ours collapsed, but I did get a good picture of the winning teams tower. They did a great job coming up with such a cool structure in only 20 minutes.

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Hopefully this class will be a lot more exciting and it will keep me very active in updating you on this site to let you know how things are going. Having a Lecture and then a Lab right after works perfect for me. I am so blessed that so far, I have not had any of these crazy schedule times that I hear about, Like classes at 1am. Wish me luck!



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