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I love Full Sail University!



Even when I am not at school, I am excited for my next class! Just sitting here wishing I could be at the Behind The Scenes Tour going on right now for all the new students. I remember my behind the scenes tour just a few short months ago and how amazing it was. Now I am making it happen!


Last Day of Orientation – Tomorrow is First Day of Class


Full Sail Orientation days are in the books. 5 days of pretty intense information. Lots of stuff to try to remember, but I am sure I will be able to find any info that I might need. We got to hear a lot more good info of stuff that we will need to know. I met a few new people today and have been working on networking a lot. Hope to have some of these people in classes.

I snapped these two pics because I hope one day to have my art or something that I worked on in that show case. This is many different items from alumni who have worked on some of the biggest Movies, Music, and Games in the entertainment industry. People send back things from the set, or gold albums, or movie scripts to put in this showcase to show that the results of hard work will happen. Pretty amazing to look at all the stuff in there knowing these people probably walked these hallways before me.


After my last Orientation Workshop I choose to go see Matthew Eng from EA Tiburon located here in Orlando. He is a Concept Artist and he was hosting a seminar to explain what he does at EA and how he got into the field. It was very awesome to see someone doing what I want to do come to the school on his own time and let people know it is possible to get into this field. He also did a Photoshop demonstration which was awesome to see him start from nothing and end up with an amazing finished product. Sorry about this pics, but i was sitting kinda near the back.

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Here here is a better shot of the final result. It just blew me away that he started with a blank canvas so to speak and started with one simple black object and then created this all off the top of his head.


Tomorrow is the BIG day! Tomorrow at 1:15pm will be my first class (Digital Literacy). I can not believe it is here already and just amazing how fast this dream has turned to reality. It just goes to show you that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything. I did what it took to make it happen and with the help of my mother we got everything done.

Wish me luck!



Day 4 of Orientation – Feeling like a PRO!!


Today I feel like I am a PRO Student walking around campus.

I am really getting to know the layout of the school so far and feeling very comfortable on campus but they are also kind of keeping us in the same general area. But lets just agree I am becoming a PRO!!

Today was my first 4 hour lecture Workshop. I think they are getting us used to what it will be like to be in a classroom setting for such a long time, seated, and paying attention. Today was a pretty good workshop, it had to do with a lot of different information from Library sign up to Money Management. We had 5 different teachers and staff speak during that 4 hours and all were wonderful. I am so glad I get to have my computer out during classes and lectures so I can look up all the things live while they inform us of these different websites and helpful info. I had about 6 windows open with 6 pages I needed to bookmark.


The best news of today that absolutely made my day is I had to speak to one of the orientation reps, Derik, about my school email that I was having issues accessing. He was very helpful and got me the info i needed to solve the problem, but he stopped me and asked me about this blog! If you read yesterdays post I told you about Ann who blew me away with her workshop. Well I emailed her to thank her and let her know how wonderful she did and about my blog since I was posting about her. She replied and told me that I made her day today! She then promptly made my day by forwarding my website to all the Orientation Reps. I was so excited to have someone from Full Sail tell me how great they thought my website is. For a professor to tell me how blown away he was with my blog really touched me and even said that this would be something great for the president of Full Sail (Garry Jones) to see!! WOW! If you are reading this Garry, Welcome to my site! 🙂

I guess that just goes to show you that if you take a minute to stop and tell someone how well they did at something, or how much you appreciate someone for their actions, or compliment someone, Basically take a minute to make someones day, it will come back to you ten fold. So I will try to make someones day again tomorrow and you should do the same!


Day 2 and 3 of Orientation. Busy Busy Busy!!

So busy I will combine two days here!


Well here it is!

I got my MacBook Pro and OMG is it so nice! I am actually doing this post from it right now. Well the past two days have been very busy but just wanted to give everyone an update on what college life has been for the past few days.

On Tuesday It was a very long day. Had a “Welcome to Full Sail” Event where we got to see the President of Full Sail speak along with staff and students telling us all kinds of things from exciting to boring. Boring only because it was all the common sense stuff like be safe here, be nice to people, and so on. Then I had an Adobe Suite 101 which was very helpful and learned about Adobe Illustrator which sounds super fun to work with even more so than Photoshop. Then we finally got our MacBooks! It was very cool because they had a guy come in from Apple to walk us through the set up process. It was KILLING me though because I am one who has to rip it open and mess with it right away. He had other ideas. We had to wait and listen to his speech and make us all turn them on at the same time with a 3, 2, 1 countdown. It was pretty awesome to see and hear 30 MacBooks turn on at once.


Today was also another busy, yet fun day. First thing this morning I decided to take the Math (Test Out), which is a test to get out of having to take the class, if you feel you are a pro at that subject. I Just wanted to see where I stand in the math department since I have not done any math in 20 years other than adding up money. I failed, but I expected that and actually did better than I thought I would. Then had a Media Math Workshop which was nice to get some info on what I will be working on. Mac Basics Workshop was next. That was a fun workshop since I am pretty good on computers but it was fun to learn the basics on my new MacBook and learn a few tricks and shortcuts. The best part of the day was Effective Communication workshop hosted by Ann Bloch. She was absolutely amazing. What a great public speaker. She was amazing at working the room and keeping everyone involved and entertained with her bubbly positive attitude. It was about a lot about things I already knew but when it comes to human interaction and communication you can never learn too much. To hear her side of things and views was great. I hope to get to be a part of any of her lectures in the future. Thanks Ann! Made my day!


I am really feeling like I am in a dream each day when I am walking on campus. I feel so good about my decision of being a Full Sail student and going to college. I am so happy with the teachers so far too. I really feel good knowing that the professors are around my age group. I was totally expecting the super old, grey haired, crotchety, mean professors. Not the case at Full Sail!


First Day of Orientation Week – I am OFFICIALLY a Student!


Today is the first day of Orientation week. I was so excited I felt like I could barely sleep the night before. Today is a fun filled day with 3 different events. First I had to go and get my Student ID card and Parking pass. I was surprised that it went so smoothly and there wasn’t a lot of waiting around or standing in line. They seem to run a tight ship down at Full Sail keeping everyone moving and directing people where they need to go next. Everyone was very helpful and it was nice to see lots of smiling faces.


This was the first time I got to walk through this sign and feel like something huge is about to happen. Something that will directly affect my future and change the rest of my life. Something HUGE is happening right now. I fully appreciated the moment and took a minute to stand here and soak in the knowledge of what was about to happen. As I passed through the threshold of this sign I knew I am on the right path for my life.

First step was securing my Student ID Badge and Parking pass. Had to fill out some paper work but everyone was very helpful and scooted me along the line of Full Sail Staff who did a great job making sure everything was being taken care of.


Got my Badge, Parking Pass and my GOLDEN TICKET! I’m going to HOLLYWOOD!! Oh wait… no, that is if I was on American Idol. The golden ticket is what gets me my MacBook Pro tomorrow and I can hardly wait!

Then I had some time to walk around the campus as an official student and really take in the campus and here are a few of the sights I saw while walking around. Looking forward to the Student Community Association Networking Summit tonight at 6:00 PM

“No matter where you are at in life, it is your own fault!”

Orientation Day is Right Around The Corner!

Full Sail Registration MapI am excited to report that my Full Sail Orientation date is April 29th 2013

Registration information for the Game Art program:  
Date: Monday, April 29, 2013   
Time:  10:30 AM   
Location:  Full Sail Live Venue, Bldg 3A  

Additionally, we will be hosting a Parent Orientation for your parent/guardian if they wish to attend:
Date:  Monday, April 29, 2013   
Time: 12 PM   
Location:  Full Sail Bldg 3B, Room 106  

All students will receive a detailed schedule for the week’s events at registration. Your week-long schedule will include Registration, Orientation, Meet & Greets, Project Launchbox, and Student Orientation Workshops.

It is crazy to think that just a month ago this was just a dream and wasn’t even sure if it was going to happen, but the date keeps getting closer and closer with each passing day. Being someone who likes to be prepared I am also excited to know that I will be getting my MacBook Pro that day so I can start messing around with it and getting familiar with how to use a Mac as it will be my first. Also I will get my badge so I can officially be on campus.

Fun Times are ahead!

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