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Do you know of any good Scholarships?


One of the challenging things I have learned about applying for college is the difficulty of finding good and “REAL” Scholarships. There seems to be a huge amount of fake scholarships out there on the internet. Meaning type the word “scholarships” in to Google and see how many results you will find.  About 80,400,000 results  (0.41 seconds) to be exact. Now I know as well as anyone that there isn’t 80.4 million different scholarships out there, so sifting through them can be tedious. Lots are fake meaning they just take you to another site to search some more. Or they want you to pay money to be in their club of scholarships. Now don’t you think if I am looking for free money that I have extra money to give to you to tell me where the free money is? Just silliness. But I am sure some people fall for those things.

Which brings me to my point. If you are reading this and you happen to have ANY info on ANY legitimate scholarships out there for ANY amount please feel free to contact me and let me know. Maybe you remember hearing about one, or maybe you work for a company that has scholarships, or maybe you know a rich person who is looking to give money to support a student, anything. I would greatly appreciated as I need to find as much money to cover the cost of school as possible.


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