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Class #2 is in the books! Time for Summer Break!

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First of all I want to apologize for not updating that much this month. Unfortunately this months class, Behavioral Science, wasn’t that much to write home about. I was looking forward to this class as I do like anything to do with how humans think. But not to get to negative, but this class really didn’t excite me as much as I had hoped. I also had some issues with the way the class was run and graded. I did make an A+ so I can report that as awesome news, I just didn’t get the 100% A+ I was hoping to get. It just seemed like this teacher was incapable of giving 100%’s on things, plus the automatic quizzes we had to take weekly were flawed. Some of them I did get her to up my grade when I pointed out the flaws in the quizzes. Also I did turn in some extra credit work to try and bring up the percentage a little, but we will see how much that effects it. But I will continue to strive for 100%’s in my next class.


I am so looking forward to my next class, Overview of the Media Design and Technology Industries, but I am also happy that I am on a week break for the summer starting today through July 8th. I plan on working and trying to find some fun to get into. I hope everyone who reads this has a good Fourth of July.



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