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I love Full Sail University!



Even when I am not at school, I am excited for my next class! Just sitting here wishing I could be at the Behind The Scenes Tour going on right now for all the new students. I remember my behind the scenes tour just a few short months ago and how amazing it was. Now I am making it happen!


First Day of Orientation Week – I am OFFICIALLY a Student!


Today is the first day of Orientation week. I was so excited I felt like I could barely sleep the night before. Today is a fun filled day with 3 different events. First I had to go and get my Student ID card and Parking pass. I was surprised that it went so smoothly and there wasn’t a lot of waiting around or standing in line. They seem to run a tight ship down at Full Sail keeping everyone moving and directing people where they need to go next. Everyone was very helpful and it was nice to see lots of smiling faces.


This was the first time I got to walk through this sign and feel like something huge is about to happen. Something that will directly affect my future and change the rest of my life. Something HUGE is happening right now. I fully appreciated the moment and took a minute to stand here and soak in the knowledge of what was about to happen. As I passed through the threshold of this sign I knew I am on the right path for my life.

First step was securing my Student ID Badge and Parking pass. Had to fill out some paper work but everyone was very helpful and scooted me along the line of Full Sail Staff who did a great job making sure everything was being taken care of.


Got my Badge, Parking Pass and my GOLDEN TICKET! I’m going to HOLLYWOOD!! Oh wait… no, that is if I was on American Idol. The golden ticket is what gets me my MacBook Pro tomorrow and I can hardly wait!

Then I had some time to walk around the campus as an official student and really take in the campus and here are a few of the sights I saw while walking around. Looking forward to the Student Community Association Networking Summit tonight at 6:00 PM

“No matter where you are at in life, it is your own fault!”

The Anticipation is KILLING ME!!!

Full Sail UniversityToday I met my mom for lunch at Crispers which is in one of the parking lots for Full Sail. It was nice to see all the students with their laptops working on stuff and made me think, that will be me in just a few short weeks. But the Anticipation is KILLING ME!! When I think about it this is one of the biggest decisions one makes in their life, and for me to make this decision at a later time in my life makes it even more exciting to me. I hope these next few weeks fly by because I want to get started so bad.

So after having a great lunch with my mom I decided to just drive through Full Sail to see my future University, and this is the picture that I took. Amazing shot isn’t It? The school is really a beautiful place and such an inspirational place for artists of all kinds. My orientation is coming up in just a little over a week so expect to see lots more content coming soon. Feel free to Like, Rate, or message me down below at any time on any of these posts, its always nice to see people are reading and seeing these.


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