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First Class completed – Top of my Class – Bring on the next one!

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My first month of class is officially over! I can not believe how fast it went. I have learned so much in the past month. I am so excited to be moving forward to the next class, Behavioral Science, and look forward to learning so much more.

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I am also very proud of my performance. I was Big Dog when it came to the competition that went on through out the whole month of class. I finished in first place with actually 29 Lynda’s completed. My “Team C” came in first place as well for top teams. There are perks for doing so well, you get “Bookmarks” as a reward!

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Today was the last 2 hours of the class and it was awesome to go over everything we learned. On top of being the Big Dog on the Lynda’s, I was honored enough to be voted by my class as the “Most Influential Classmate” Meaning that the majority of the class thought that I was the one class member who they learned the most from and they felt I was a great asset to the class. Even my teacher told me he learned a lot from me and would be using my class work as examples of how to do it correctly. I have not gotten my final grade yet, but I have nothing but 100% A’s right now and only have two more projects to be graded, but I have faith they will be 100% A’s as well. Hard Work pays off.

Our instructor, Paul, spoke a lot about us not giving up and how things are going to be hard. He said that as time goes on and things get hard to not forget about the finish line and then he played this video which had me tearing up in class. Good thing they keep the classroom lights low. But it really hit home that even though I am shooting to be the BEST Full Sail student with Straight A’s, it isn’t about that always. It’s about never giving up on your goal. This video inspired me so I hope it does for you as well.


My First PowerPoint Project and My first A’s Whoot Whoot!

This was my very first PowerPoint presentation I ever made. I am pretty impressed with it since I had never used PowerPoint previous to this, but did do a tutorial prior to starting that helped me out immensely. The presentation was a response presentation to two other teams who had to present. Team A: had to present the reasons Video Games are¬†good for literacy ad Team B: had to present why they were bad. We as Team C: had to preset what our finding were and based on everything choose a winner between the two teams. It was difficult to choose a winner but we had to do it and even though it went against some of our beliefs we choose Team B. So enjoy the video but know that we had to get up and speak throughout the who presentation and what you are seeing is just the slides. I also added the music so it wouldn’t be so boring to watch the slides scroll through. There was a LOT of funny parts that might not come through with the video as it did live but you will get the idea. I feel us as Team C had the BEST presentation out of the whole class. We kept it entertaining, on topic, fun, short and sweet, and above all informational

Go Team Galaxy!

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Guess what? I got my first A’s!!! I am soo excited to get my first grades and will be excited to see these 100% keep racking up. The projects and homework assignments we have been doing are pretty fun you just have to make sure you follow protocol and directions. I am not sure of the grade on the above presentation yet, but I will be sure to update when I find out.

So far I have straight A’s in College!! BOOM! Head Shot! Haha People who watched the video will get that reference.


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