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Class #2 is in the books! Time for Summer Break!

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First of all I want to apologize for not updating that much this month. Unfortunately this months class, Behavioral Science, wasn’t that much to write home about. I was looking forward to this class as I do like anything to do with how humans think. But not to get to negative, but this class really didn’t excite me as much as I had hoped. I also had some issues with the way the class was run and graded. I did make an A+ so I can report that as awesome news, I just didn’t get the 100% A+ I was hoping to get. It just seemed like this teacher was incapable of giving 100%’s on things, plus the automatic quizzes we had to take weekly were flawed. Some of them I did get her to up my grade when I pointed out the flaws in the quizzes. Also I did turn in some extra credit work to try and bring up the percentage a little, but we will see how much that effects it. But I will continue to strive for 100%’s in my next class.


I am so looking forward to my next class, Overview of the Media Design and Technology Industries, but I am also happy that I am on a week break for the summer starting today through July 8th. I plan on working and trying to find some fun to get into. I hope everyone who reads this has a good Fourth of July.



Behavioral Science has begun – Final Grade for Digital Literacy!

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On Monday I began my new class, Behavioral Science in FS3-111 with Mrs. O. I am very excited about this class and looking forward to learning all about how the brain works and why we think the way we think. First class went very well other than the chairs. It is going to be rough for me to sit in these tiny little chairs for a whole month 5 hours at a time. Lots of new students in this class because this is their first month. People who are on the fast track start off with Digital Literacy & Behavioral Science. So most are clueless on how this school works. Since I have been here a month I feel like I have already adapted to the way things roll.

Today I started on one of my projects where I had to walk around school and take a few pictures to add into an assignment. Here are some of the results just for fun. I had to take a picture of myself at the library, pointing at my Parietal Lobe, also a picture of me describing one of my many multiple intelligence’s. I choose the wall of video games and described how I am very knowledgeable of video games from many years of playing them.

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Saved the best for last!

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Look at that! 100% all the way down! I kicked some major butt in that class and all my hard work paid off. My teacher, Mr. Hayes, gave me nothing but high remarks on each and every one of the projects and assignments I turned in. Gonna try and do it again in Behavioral Science. I really think I am going to graduate with a 4.0


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