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“Alien” Noir – High Contrast (Sin City Style) for Art 1 Class

IMG_6295I am so proud of this piece! I went a little crazy on it but that’s just how I do when doing something. Gotta give it my all. Our assignment was we needed to choose a scene from our favorite movie and create a Sin City style Noir Black & White High Contrast picture. We could only use a black ink pen. Obviously Aliens is my favorite movie of all time and I have always thought the Alien was just an amazing looking scary as hell creation. I wanted to try to get that effect while getting that high contrast.

Here is the timeline process of how this piece came to life.

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Fun with Alchemy in Art 1 FUNdamentals

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 11.15.51 AM


Today in Art 1, we were told about this really cool program called Alchemy. We used this software to make a mech, but the cool part was the 4 members in my group each had 2 minutes to contribute to this work. Afterwards, we got to enter it into a contest in class and the teachers choose ours as the winner!!

Color Lovers Logo

I also, for the fun of it decided to make a logo for my team… turned out pretty cool.

I am kicking butt in my drawings and I will scan those soon and post them ASAP.


My Full Sail

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