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  1. Christopher Thacker.

    I have been to Full sail for a year and a half going on two years through the online program. I am currently in the game design program. I have always played games since I was 2 years old matter a fact I played Mario Bros. for the NES and beat the game using the warp zone glitch when I was 2. I haven’t started making a game yet cause we havent learned how to do so as of yet but everything I have learned so far has been very worth while and I promise full sail is the best game college out there. See I am 22 years old and I live in a town called Pikeville in KY yeah you might be thinking wow KY. lol But to be honest the thing that worries me is that I wont be able to have a job as a game designer out in the game industry due to the location I live. Not only this but I also have tourettes syndrome and lived with it all my life to this very day but regardless I have always struggled and fought to accomplish my dream to be a game designer and to show the world my creations. I hope it is okay if I add you on xbox live or you can add me it dont matter my gamertag is Cjer7777. By the way a word of advice if you have a dream follow no matter what is in your way because its better to live your dreams than to watch them dim.

    • Christopher, thanks so much for your message. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me your story. I would love to learn more about you and your dream. Feel free to add me on XBOX.

  2. Your story inspired me I am a young designer as well got lucky met the love of my life in sophomore year in high school and was siting around tinkering with computers and free software and my wife knowing that I was sitting their playing the original xbox telling her how the games were made told me ” well if you like it that much then follow the dream and make money at it.” I want nothing more than to do what I love so I can never “work” a day in my life and my wife has continually pushed me farther and farther telling me the dream will justify the stress in the end. You have helped show me that it can actually be a reality if you follow it hard enough and have the passion to see it through. Thank you!!! Sorry for the rant just had to get it out there

    • Hey Joe,
      Thanks for the message. I am glad that I can inspire you and others with my blog. That actually wasn’t my intention in the beginning, but glad it’s happening now. I can tell you for sure that it is not impossible by any means if you are willing to put in the work. As you said, if you love doing it, it won’t even feel like work.
      I’d love to hear more about what you are doing and your plans. Feel free to contact me.

  3. I am a high school jr and I want to become a game programmer, but my family want me to be a lawyer and then go to be a sport agent. What do I do to let them know that I am going for this degree if I receive the money from them or not, I do not want for it to get to that point, but how did or would you break it to your parents.


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