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This it the Blog of  my Journey through Full Sail University. Here I will keep you up to date on all the things going on while I am at school, Projects I am working on, and finished artwork I have done. I will also try and post as much as possible about my Journey Through College. Please feel free to subscribe to my blog in the top right hand corner, that way you will receive emails when I post things to this blog.


Now for a little bit about me. My name is Sean Korb, if you didn’t know that already. I am a thirty something year old man who has decided to follow my lifelong dream of going to college. As a young boy I always knew I wanted to be an artist. I can remember at a very young age adults asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always reply “an artist.”

Throughout my entire schooling career I took every art class that was available. Art I, Art II, Art III, Pottery, Drawing I, Drawing II, Drawing III, Painting I, Painting II, you get the point. I took so many art classes as electives that come my senior year at Boca Ciega High School; they didn’t have any more classes for me to take, so I just re-took Art III and was basically allowed to do whatever I wanted in the class. While all the sophomore and juniors were working hard to get good grades I was helping the teacher and then doing whatever projects I wanted to work on. I thought I was on the path to graduate from high school and go to college for some sort of art, because that’s what all adults tell little kids their whole life, “graduate from high school, go to college, get a degree, and get a job.” Well that didn’t exactly happen that way for me as I am sure for a lot of people in life. When I graduated from Boca Ciega I immediately started looking into colleges and knew I wanted to attend Tampa Tech, which was a technical college that I heard had a good Art Program. So my mother and I went down, did the whole tour of the school. Got to see all the fun and exciting stuff I was going to be able to learn. We sat down at the end of the tour to go over the financial side of it. Of course being right out of high school at age 17 I had no idea what a “LOT” of money was until I heard her say the total price. We had applied for grants but according to them at that time my Ponderosa job and my mom’s job of being a single parent and maintaining a career at Florida Power were too much. We only qualified for about $500.00 which didn’t even cover my supply expenses. So basically my first life lesson out of High School in the “Real World” was Life is expensive! We also apply at SPJC which at the time was a very inexpensive Junior College that a lot of local high school grads would go to. They wouldn’t give me a dime. So there went my “College Dreams”

Figured it was time to just work and give up on the thought of ever being an artist. Luckily a year out of high school when I finally quit my Ponderosa job, I found a job in the paper that I thought was for car stereo instillation. Boy was I wrong! I found myself in the back of a van riding around Florida selling electronics out of the back. I know sounds crazy right? Well it was and it was fun and exciting and made me who I am today. It was very out of character for me to take this job let alone try to walk up to total strangers and try and get them to give me their money out of their pockets. But that is exactly what I did. I learned direct face to face sales cold calling, which is considered to be the hardest of all sales to learn.

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