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I am sure many colleges talk about how people graduate and get jobs in their industry all the time. I am sure they claim all kinds of success stories. How many of them actually have those success stories back to show you that all your hard work will pay off in the end. Full Sail does it so often I can not even make it to each guest speaker. Today, I made sure I didn’t miss this one. I got to meet Dean Johnson who had the same dream as I do. He came to Full Sail, kicked butt, and went straight to the “BIG LEAGUES” after graduating… Microsoft! To see someone do exactly what I would want to do lets you know that these dreams are obtainable and the idea of graduating and getting that dream job can be done. I know it isn’t the same for each student, but I strongly believe I have what it takes to be that special case just like Dean. It reinforces that all my effort now will be worth it in the end. Thanks Dean for taking time out of your vacation to come show us that the light at the end of the tunnel is very bright and worth all the struggle.


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  1. You’re an inspiration to us all!

  2. Dean Johnson is a special case at FullSail. You have to realize that FullSail wasn’t the only institute that prepared Dean for his job at Microsoft. Dean was one Semester short of a BS degree in CIS from FSU before he came to FullSail. Dean had his job at Microsoft four months before he graduated from FullSail…it was through hard work and dedication on his own part due to his work on a project he started outside FullSail. How do I know this… I graduated with Dean Johnson and I was in every class with him during own time at FullSail.

    • Believe me. I’m by no means saying only Full Sail is responsible for his success. I know more then the average that it’s ultimately up to you to make it happen. He is an inspiration to me to see that with LOTS of hard work, whether at Full Sail or not, it is possible to get to the top. I do know that if you take advantage of every thing Full Sail has to offer you will be several steps ahead of the average person when it comes time to find a career. Networking also is KEY in finding a job, I am happy to know Dean now and have him in my corner so to speak.
      Congrats to you as well for Graduating from Full Sail! Thanks for any advice you care to give.

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