Amazing event @FullSail with Barry Hawkins from Riot Games!

blog_header01First off, I have to say this was the largest event I have attended to date at Full Sail.
They were lined out the door almost 200 strong to see Barry Hawkins!

2013-09-04 17.45.09

With that said, I knew this was going to be a great event to attend. Barry was one of the most articulate speakers I have seen come through Full Sail’s doors, since I have started. He brought the business side of the video game world in his speech that he prepared. It was nice to hear about the nitty-gritty business side of the video game world and not just the glitz and glamour that a lot only speak about. Coming from my business background, I could tell a lot of stuff he was speaking about might have been going over some of these kids heads, but I was soaking it all in like a dried out sponge. He spoke a lot about how a video game studios, like Riot Games, operates and their structure. My favorite part was the Riot Games Manifesto;
1. Player Experience First 2. Challenge Convention 3. Focus on Talent and Team
4. Take Play Seriously 5. Stay Hungry, Stay Humble
It is nice to know some companies still worry about the user’s experience before profits. I hope to work for a company that is like this when I graduate.

Yet again, I am blown away by how much my school works to get these amazing people, in our industry, down to speak with us. These guys take time out of their schedules to come down to give us n00bs a fresh and honest perspective of what we can expect when we graduate. BIG thanks also goes to Rob Coble for putting these events together. I get the feeling that he is the main reason most of these people come on down to Full Sail.

I am so glad I choose Full Sail as my college, because I KNOW there is no way I would have had this much networking opportunities at any other school.



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  1. This was a great presentation. I was able to catch it via GoTo.

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