Things are going GREAT at Full Sail University!

2013-05-22 15.20.13

My Digital Literacy has been going great! Been working well with my group Team Galaxy. We had a fun project on Wednesday where we got to leave class for 45 minutes and walk around campus and take some pictures. This is the picture I took. It is a Panorama of a portion of our library. The point of doing this is to give the pictures to a different group and they have to use digital tools like where you can take ay picture and enter it into the website and it will give you all the digital meta data that the picture has such as GPS Location. Example Below.

  • Camera make :Apple
  • Camera model :iPhone 5
  • Date/Time :2013/05/22 15:20:13
  • Resolution :4496 x 2528
  • Flash used :No
  • Focal length :4.1mm (35mm equivalent 33mm)
  • Exposure time :0.0081 s (1/123)
  • Aperture :f/2.4ISO equiv. :200
  • Whitebalance :Auto
  • Metering Mode :pattern
  • Exposure :program (auto)
  • GPS Latitude :N 28º 35.65′ 0″
  • GPS Longitude :W 81º 18.26′ 0″
  • GPS Altitude :27.18m

Crazy to see how much someone can find about you just from one picture! So be careful what you post on Facebook or any other social media website. People can find a LOT more than you think they can.

Here is my second project I got to do, Researching Credible Connections. My second attempt at PowerPoint. This one was less technical we just had to research several different words using the different new research databases that we are learning about. Hoping to clear another 100% A on this one. Having no doubt it will happen. Let me know what you think so far?


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  1. Sean, great job on this PP! Very informative and thoughtful.

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