Last Day of Orientation – Tomorrow is First Day of Class


Full Sail Orientation days are in the books. 5 days of pretty intense information. Lots of stuff to try to remember, but I am sure I will be able to find any info that I might need. We got to hear a lot more good info of stuff that we will need to know. I met a few new people today and have been working on networking a lot. Hope to have some of these people in classes.

I snapped these two pics because I hope one day to have my art or something that I worked on in that show case. This is many different items from alumni who have worked on some of the biggest Movies, Music, and Games in the entertainment industry. People send back things from the set, or gold albums, or movie scripts to put in this showcase to show that the results of hard work will happen. Pretty amazing to look at all the stuff in there knowing these people probably walked these hallways before me.


After my last Orientation Workshop I choose to go see Matthew Eng from EA Tiburon located here in Orlando. He is a Concept Artist and he was hosting a seminar to explain what he does at EA and how he got into the field. It was very awesome to see someone doing what I want to do come to the school on his own time and let people know it is possible to get into this field. He also did a Photoshop demonstration which was awesome to see him start from nothing and end up with an amazing finished product. Sorry about this pics, but i was sitting kinda near the back.

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Here here is a better shot of the final result. It just blew me away that he started with a blank canvas so to speak and started with one simple black object and then created this all off the top of his head.


Tomorrow is the BIG day! Tomorrow at 1:15pm will be my first class (Digital Literacy). I can not believe it is here already and just amazing how fast this dream has turned to reality. It just goes to show you that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything. I did what it took to make it happen and with the help of my mother we got everything done.

Wish me luck!



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