Day 4 of Orientation – Feeling like a PRO!!


Today I feel like I am a PRO Student walking around campus.

I am really getting to know the layout of the school so far and feeling very comfortable on campus but they are also kind of keeping us in the same general area. But lets just agree I am becoming a PRO!!

Today was my first 4 hour lecture Workshop. I think they are getting us used to what it will be like to be in a classroom setting for such a long time, seated, and paying attention. Today was a pretty good workshop, it had to do with a lot of different information from Library sign up to Money Management. We had 5 different teachers and staff speak during that 4 hours and all were wonderful. I am so glad I get to have my computer out during classes and lectures so I can look up all the things live while they inform us of these different websites and helpful info. I had about 6 windows open with 6 pages I needed to bookmark.


The best news of today that absolutely made my day is I had to speak to one of the orientation reps, Derik, about my school email that I was having issues accessing. He was very helpful and got me the info i needed to solve the problem, but he stopped me and asked me about this blog! If you read yesterdays post I told you about Ann who blew me away with her workshop. Well I emailed her to thank her and let her know how wonderful she did and about my blog since I was posting about her. She replied and told me that I made her day today! She then promptly made my day by forwarding my website to all the Orientation Reps. I was so excited to have someone from Full Sail tell me how great they thought my website is. For a professor to tell me how blown away he was with my blog really touched me and even said that this would be something great for the president of Full Sail (Garry Jones) to see!! WOW! If you are reading this Garry, Welcome to my site! 🙂

I guess that just goes to show you that if you take a minute to stop and tell someone how well they did at something, or how much you appreciate someone for their actions, or compliment someone, Basically take a minute to make someones day, it will come back to you ten fold. So I will try to make someones day again tomorrow and you should do the same!


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