Day 2 and 3 of Orientation. Busy Busy Busy!!

So busy I will combine two days here!


Well here it is!

I got my MacBook Pro and OMG is it so nice! I am actually doing this post from it right now. Well the past two days have been very busy but just wanted to give everyone an update on what college life has been for the past few days.

On Tuesday It was a very long day. Had a “Welcome to Full Sail” Event where we got to see the President of Full Sail speak along with staff and students telling us all kinds of things from exciting to boring. Boring only because it was all the common sense stuff like be safe here, be nice to people, and so on. Then I had an Adobe Suite 101 which was very helpful and learned about Adobe Illustrator which sounds super fun to work with even more so than Photoshop. Then we finally got our MacBooks! It was very cool because they had a guy come in from Apple to walk us through the set up process. It was KILLING me though because I am one who has to rip it open and mess with it right away. He had other ideas. We had to wait and listen to his speech and make us all turn them on at the same time with a 3, 2, 1 countdown. It was pretty awesome to see and hear 30 MacBooks turn on at once.


Today was also another busy, yet fun day. First thing this morning I decided to take the Math (Test Out), which is a test to get out of having to take the class, if you feel you are a pro at that subject. I Just wanted to see where I stand in the math department since I have not done any math in 20 years other than adding up money. I failed, but I expected that and actually did better than I thought I would. Then had a Media Math Workshop which was nice to get some info on what I will be working on. Mac Basics Workshop was next. That was a fun workshop since I am pretty good on computers but it was fun to learn the basics on my new MacBook and learn a few tricks and shortcuts. The best part of the day was Effective Communication workshop hosted by Ann Bloch. She was absolutely amazing. What a great public speaker. She was amazing at working the room and keeping everyone involved and entertained with her bubbly positive attitude. It was about a lot about things I already knew but when it comes to human interaction and communication you can never learn too much. To hear her side of things and views was great. I hope to get to be a part of any of her lectures in the future. Thanks Ann! Made my day!


I am really feeling like I am in a dream each day when I am walking on campus. I feel so good about my decision of being a Full Sail student and going to college. I am so happy with the teachers so far too. I really feel good knowing that the professors are around my age group. I was totally expecting the super old, grey haired, crotchety, mean professors. Not the case at Full Sail!


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