The Anticipation is KILLING ME!!!

Full Sail UniversityToday I met my mom for lunch at Crispers which is in one of the parking lots for Full Sail. It was nice to see all the students with their laptops working on stuff and made me think, that will be me in just a few short weeks. But the Anticipation is KILLING ME!! When I think about it this is one of the biggest decisions one makes in their life, and for me to make this decision at a later time in my life makes it even more exciting to me. I hope these next few weeks fly by because I want to get started so bad.

So after having a great lunch with my mom I decided to just drive through Full Sail to see my future University, and this is the picture that I took. Amazing shot isn’t It? The school is really a beautiful place and such an inspirational place for artists of all kinds. My orientation is coming up in just a little over a week so expect to see lots more content coming soon. Feel free to Like, Rate, or message me down below at any time on any of these posts, its always nice to see people are reading and seeing these.


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  1. So happy to hear you’re so excited about this new journey~!

  2. Good luck, Sean! Always keep focused on your goals. Make sure to network big time. Keep your eyes on the events on or the connect site. Have a great time!

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