Why I feel I am ready for College in my 30’s


Some people go to College when they are young, and some people go to College when they are middle aged, and some even go when they are old. I think it is never too late to learn. You should learn something new each day in life. I feel that for me personally going to college when I am in my late 30’s… ok… 37 to be exact, is a great time for me. I know that when I was fresh out of High School I wanted to go to college, but financially couldn’t do it. But everything happens for a reason in life. Just like there is a reason you are here reading this right now. I think I had to experience life for a few decades before I could mentally be ready for college. Not to say I couldn’t have handled it back in the 90’s I just feel like I am more mature for it in my older age. I am so ready for school again and I am in a place in my life that it is time to choose a new path for my future. I remember in High School I was bored a lot with the studies, because I felt as though it had no point for me in my life. Now I am so excited to get started because I know that everything I do will be for a reason, will be for my path, and will determine my future. Not only will it be for a reason but it will make me a better artist, professional, and all around better human being.

I feel like it was another lifetime ago that I was in school. 20 years can change a whole lot in your life. I am a completely different person today then I was back in 1993. We sure thought we knew it all back when we were 18 too. I always said that I got my degree on the streets since I am an outdoor salesman. Being in sales has made me who I am today and it has taught me an awful lot about life and people. I could probably write a book on my 18+ years of experience on the streets traveling around and making people buy stuff they didn’t know they wanted 2 minutes before I walked in their doors. The amount of knowledge I acquired can not be taught in schools, can not be taught in text books… ha-ha oh yeah, its 2013, no more text books, can’t be taught online. I had to live it to learn it. Some things in life just have to be lived to learn. I feel this also prepared me for my college journey, and when the time comes to sell myself to a prospective employer, or sell my ideas to a client, or just in reading people that I will be networking with, I know I am 100% prepared for those tasks. That is how I know I am better prepared for the college journey now more then ever.

So without a doubt I know there will be challenges, I know there will be great times, and I fully expect things not to go as smoothly as I would like them to go, but I know that at the end of the day I know I have chosen a new path in life. I know I have chosen a good… no GREAT path in life and life is what you make it. My motto I live by is “No matter where you are in life, it’s your own fault” Nobody put me here today other than me and my choices in life. Life is what YOU make of it, and I am glad that at the age of 37 I have the GUTS to decide to go to college and make a career change and improve my life. Not many people can say that about themselves and the ones that do know what success is.


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  1. Are you actually planning to pull a Rodney Dangerfield and bust down a bunch of walls in the dorm, hang out with Robery Downey Jr., put a hottub in your room, and pull a Triple Lindy dive? If not, I’d look into distance learning.

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