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First Day of Orientation Week – I am OFFICIALLY a Student!


Today is the first day of Orientation week. I was so excited I felt like I could barely sleep the night before. Today is a fun filled day with 3 different events. First I had to go and get my Student ID card and Parking pass. I was surprised that it went so smoothly and there wasn’t a lot of waiting around or standing in line. They seem to run a tight ship down at Full Sail keeping everyone moving and directing people where they need to go next. Everyone was very helpful and it was nice to see lots of smiling faces.


This was the first time I got to walk through this sign and feel like something huge is about to happen. Something that will directly affect my future and change the rest of my life. Something HUGE is happening right now. I fully appreciated the moment and took a minute to stand here and soak in the knowledge of what was about to happen. As I passed through the threshold of this sign I knew I am on the right path for my life.

First step was securing my Student ID Badge and Parking pass. Had to fill out some paper work but everyone was very helpful and scooted me along the line of Full Sail Staff who did a great job making sure everything was being taken care of.


Got my Badge, Parking Pass and my GOLDEN TICKET! I’m going to HOLLYWOOD!! Oh wait… no, that is if I was on American Idol. The golden ticket is what gets me my MacBook Pro tomorrow and I can hardly wait!

Then I had some time to walk around the campus as an official student and really take in the campus and here are a few of the sights I saw while walking around. Looking forward to the Student Community Association Networking Summit tonight at 6:00 PM

“No matter where you are at in life, it is your own fault!”

The Anticipation is KILLING ME!!!

Full Sail UniversityToday I met my mom for lunch at Crispers which is in one of the parking lots for Full Sail. It was nice to see all the students with their laptops working on stuff and made me think, that will be me in just a few short weeks. But the Anticipation is KILLING ME!! When I think about it this is one of the biggest decisions one makes in their life, and for me to make this decision at a later time in my life makes it even more exciting to me. I hope these next few weeks fly by because I want to get started so bad.

So after having a great lunch with my mom I decided to just drive through Full Sail to see my future University, and this is the picture that I took. Amazing shot isn’t It? The school is really a beautiful place and such an inspirational place for artists of all kinds. My orientation is coming up in just a little over a week so expect to see lots more content coming soon. Feel free to Like, Rate, or message me down below at any time on any of these posts, its always nice to see people are reading and seeing these.


I Want Your Opinion on College

i want youSo I would like to hear from YOU! Yeah you reading this. I want your full honest opinion on college. I want to know everything you know. I want to hear about your experience in college or your story of why you went to college, or the reason you didn’t. Tell me what I should do and what I shouldn’t do while in college. If you are someone who is attending Full Sail give me the inside scoop! As the days count down to my start date of May 6th I was just wondering what it is going to be like. The unknown is exciting yet a little scary. Scary probably isn’t the right word, because most people associate the word “Scared” as a bad thing. I am one who embraces change and the idea of the new and unknown excites me. Were you scared to go to college? Once you got through it did you look back on that fear and laugh? Share whatever you want, I’m all ears… or I mean eyes.

Please comment below so I can hear about your adventures in college or feel free to email me if you would rather your story kept private.

These are just a few of the things I want to here from you about. I would also like to take this time to thank you for joining me on my new website/blog. I hope you stick around through the next 3 years and please be sure to follow my blog by entering your email address in the top right hand corner of this page. It will just email you whenever I update the site. No spam.

Thanks a Bunch,


My MacBook Pro Skin I made in Photoshop CS6

steve jobs mac

In a few short weeks I will be getting my MacBook Pro for school. Part of the Tuition is that I get a brand new upgraded MacBook Pro fully loaded with the latest and greatest software that is industry standard. I wanted to trick mine out a bit while protecting it, so I ordered a Skin that goes on the back of the laptop to protect the outer shell with the Apple logo cut out. I searched for days looking for a pre-made one I liked but then decided why would I want something someone else has in the world, so I made my own. I used Photoshop CS6 and designed this image below.

Please click on the image so you can see it in full size to truly appreciate what it will look like.

Steve Jobs Wallpaper

Why I feel I am ready for College in my 30’s


Some people go to College when they are young, and some people go to College when they are middle aged, and some even go when they are old. I think it is never too late to learn. You should learn something new each day in life. I feel that for me personally going to college when I am in my late 30’s… ok… 37 to be exact, is a great time for me. I know that when I was fresh out of High School I wanted to go to college, but financially couldn’t do it. But everything happens for a reason in life. Just like there is a reason you are here reading this right now. I think I had to experience life for a few decades before I could mentally be ready for college. Not to say I couldn’t have handled it back in the 90’s I just feel like I am more mature for it in my older age. I am so ready for school again and I am in a place in my life that it is time to choose a new path for my future. I remember in High School I was bored a lot with the studies, because I felt as though it had no point for me in my life. Now I am so excited to get started because I know that everything I do will be for a reason, will be for my path, and will determine my future. Not only will it be for a reason but it will make me a better artist, professional, and all around better human being.

I feel like it was another lifetime ago that I was in school. 20 years can change a whole lot in your life. I am a completely different person today then I was back in 1993. We sure thought we knew it all back when we were 18 too. I always said that I got my degree on the streets since I am an outdoor salesman. Being in sales has made me who I am today and it has taught me an awful lot about life and people. I could probably write a book on my 18+ years of experience on the streets traveling around and making people buy stuff they didn’t know they wanted 2 minutes before I walked in their doors. The amount of knowledge I acquired can not be taught in schools, can not be taught in text books… ha-ha oh yeah, its 2013, no more text books, can’t be taught online. I had to live it to learn it. Some things in life just have to be lived to learn. I feel this also prepared me for my college journey, and when the time comes to sell myself to a prospective employer, or sell my ideas to a client, or just in reading people that I will be networking with, I know I am 100% prepared for those tasks. That is how I know I am better prepared for the college journey now more then ever.

So without a doubt I know there will be challenges, I know there will be great times, and I fully expect things not to go as smoothly as I would like them to go, but I know that at the end of the day I know I have chosen a new path in life. I know I have chosen a good… no GREAT path in life and life is what you make it. My motto I live by is “No matter where you are in life, it’s your own fault” Nobody put me here today other than me and my choices in life. Life is what YOU make of it, and I am glad that at the age of 37 I have the GUTS to decide to go to college and make a career change and improve my life. Not many people can say that about themselves and the ones that do know what success is.


Hey Banks, Hook a student up!!

I just faxed out my LAST student loan to Student Funding Corporation of America, Inc. It is a last resort loan that will cover $12,000 of tuition, but the good news is if you apply for this loan and get approved, Full Sail will then automatically offer you the Platinum Dream Scholarship which will automatically cover the rest of my tuition! That would be awesome! Along with searching for more scholarships, I hope to get as much of my schooling paid for before I graduate in 3 years so that will be less I have to pay back once I enter the field.

Wish me luck!

Orientation Day is Right Around The Corner!

Full Sail Registration MapI am excited to report that my Full Sail Orientation date is April 29th 2013

Registration information for the Game Art program:  
Date: Monday, April 29, 2013   
Time:  10:30 AM   
Location:  Full Sail Live Venue, Bldg 3A  

Additionally, we will be hosting a Parent Orientation for your parent/guardian if they wish to attend:
Date:  Monday, April 29, 2013   
Time: 12 PM   
Location:  Full Sail Bldg 3B, Room 106  

All students will receive a detailed schedule for the week’s events at registration. Your week-long schedule will include Registration, Orientation, Meet & Greets, Project Launchbox, and Student Orientation Workshops.

It is crazy to think that just a month ago this was just a dream and wasn’t even sure if it was going to happen, but the date keeps getting closer and closer with each passing day. Being someone who likes to be prepared I am also excited to know that I will be getting my MacBook Pro that day so I can start messing around with it and getting familiar with how to use a Mac as it will be my first. Also I will get my badge so I can officially be on campus.

Fun Times are ahead!

Just doodling around with colored pencils…

Just a quick free drawing with colored pencils to start getting my brain back into drawing.


Do you know of any good Scholarships?


One of the challenging things I have learned about applying for college is the difficulty of finding good and “REAL” Scholarships. There seems to be a huge amount of fake scholarships out there on the internet. Meaning type the word “scholarships” in to Google and see how many results you will find.  About 80,400,000 results  (0.41 seconds) to be exact. Now I know as well as anyone that there isn’t 80.4 million different scholarships out there, so sifting through them can be tedious. Lots are fake meaning they just take you to another site to search some more. Or they want you to pay money to be in their club of scholarships. Now don’t you think if I am looking for free money that I have extra money to give to you to tell me where the free money is? Just silliness. But I am sure some people fall for those things.

Which brings me to my point. If you are reading this and you happen to have ANY info on ANY legitimate scholarships out there for ANY amount please feel free to contact me and let me know. Maybe you remember hearing about one, or maybe you work for a company that has scholarships, or maybe you know a rich person who is looking to give money to support a student, anything. I would greatly appreciated as I need to find as much money to cover the cost of school as possible.


Scholarship Money

My Full Sail

Check out all my adventures in college.

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