The Video That Inspired Me To Go To College

One day I woke up and turned on my XBOX and went to the YouTube app and clicked on Trending videos and this was the first video I saw.

It was like it spoke directly to me. I had just got out of a relationship and had to move back home. I felt like I was at a crossroads in life. I have my own company selling electronics  but I honestly can not see myself doing that for another 18 years. So after I watched this video I went online and applied for info on  and within 3 seconds of hitting the send button after entering in all my info the phone rang… It was them calling me to invite me down to tour the school and to tell me about all they can offer. That started the ball rolling for me to fulfill a dream that I thought had died a long time ago when I graduated from Boca Ciega High School and could not afford to go to college. But it is NEVER too late to chase after your dreams!

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